Window tint is like a lamination sheet which we can apply inside or outside the window. They cover the surface of any glass to keep it protected from the heat and sunlight. Window tinting Melbourne can be used in house, cars and offices. These are mostly polyethylene terephthalate sheets. These are clear sheets which help in preventing the house from the sunlight and UV rays. These window tints can only be applied by the professional and experienced people because a person who doesn’t know how to tint any window will make it more blur and bubbly. Only experienced person will tint the windows perfectly without damaging the glass. 


  • These tints will make the house more beautiful and create a different look and appearance of the house. 
  • These tints will help in rejecting the heat of sunlight due to which they are applied inside the glass. Inner good glass frosting will prevent the building from the execs sunlight. When the heat comes in from the window the tinted part rejects it and not let it come inside due to which the extra layer or the sunlight turns back. 
  • A low coated window tint will be more helpful in rejecting the UV rays. It will help in lowering the temperature.
  • It helps in creating the cooling effect and protection from the damage due to extreme absorption of light and chemicals.
  • Reduction of UV rays will also help in the protection from different skin disease.
  • It will provide comfort to the inhabitants of the house.
  • Window tinting will help in reducing the extra glare of the light.
  • They are not costly enough.


Light filters:

This window tinting is the filter of the sunlight which helps in protecting from the UV light. Tinting windows acts like a filter which will filter the dangerous lights. These window tints will filter 99% of the UV rays. These tinted windows will also help in reducing the chemical light rays and it will provide clear and clean sunlight as much as needed.

How to select window tint:

Every window is not able to get every type of tint on it. Selecting window tint is a difficult task. Our experienced workers will suggest the client and they will guide them about the tint. The tint depends upon the capacity of the glass, the size of the window and the quality of the tint. The appropriate window tint will help more than those windows tints which are not according to the size and shape of the window. Sometimes when the tinting is in process and it is not according to the type of the glass, the glass breaks down and create the problem. So it is important to know all about the glass and tint before getting the window tinting.

Our company provides the best tinting service. We use a tint of international standards which are also certified from the authorities. These tints will not harm chemically and also provide the best results.