Growing Your Own Food For A Healthier Body

Growing Your Own Food For A Healthier Body

More and more people are getting rid of the excuse “I only have a small space” and starting to use the new techniques in growing. With so many health issues and difficulties in getting some of the food items it is now clear growing your own is healthy and cost effective. Agriculturists and normal day-to-day gardeners are also coming up with many options for people who face the threat of small space. It is also noteworthy to mention that there are some species of veggies, fruits and herbs that are now modified genetically so that they could be grown in a tight area. What to grow Actually a few raised beds and a small cleared space for veggies is enough in a place where it is sunny in whatever the area that you have. You can also plan to plant vegetables among your flowers in the borders of the flower beds or in small containers. You can use throw-away items such as containers of ice cream, biscuits and so on. However, you might be wondering what you can grow in small spaces as such; some tips you can follow to decide what to grow, are, first you can grow what you would prefer to eat. For example spinach is a perfect veggie that can be grown in a pot, however if you do not like to eat it there is no point in growing it. Actually, smaller the area is, easier it is to manage. Another advantage in having a tight space is that you need not bother with tree removal Sydney like activities. 

Saving money

Of course instead of buying all your vegetables from the supermarket if you can source them from your own garden that is going to save a lot of money for you. However it is not practical because you cannot grow all the vegetables that you like to eat. Some may need special climatic conditions; some, soil or fertilizer supplements et cetera. Therefore what you can do is to choose to grow varieties of vegetables which are expensive in the shops. For example shallots, early potatoes and Mange tout or snow pea, can add a distinct taste to dishes as well as a few more dollars to your purse. You can also grow leafy vegetables which you can keep harvesting and still they will keep on growing. It is known as “cut and come again” technique.

A mode of income

Growing veggies and herbs in a small garden can not only be a dollar saver for you but it is also a method of having a slight income. Slight as it may be, earning something by your own sweat and blood will give you an immense satisfaction. Gardening is found to be good for not only physical but also psychological health. You can try beans and peas like vegetables; pick them but they will keep producing. Also small vegetables which do not need much space and bulbs which can break up into smaller cloves like garlic will not only provide for your family but also fetch an extra Dollar at the market. If you are growing bushes you should consider better tree pruning at relevant time intervals.It is a pity to notice that supermarkets sell vegetables that are mainly profitable for them. That way you might be stuck with a few options throughout the year. By having your own garden you can have varied options, good health, save money as well as earn an extra income.