If you are looking for ways to modify your bathroom and finding equipment that would enhance the look, then one of the ways if to incorporate shower screens in the bathroom. Shower screens are considered to be one of the best ways to add up to the bathroom however, there are different types of shower screens that are available. The framed and frameless shower screens Melbourne are there which are commonly used by people, however, the choice to decided which one should be installed depends upon you. To make the decision easier for you, we have come up with the specifications of each that would help you decide.


The material that is used in both types of shower screens from Young Shower Screens are tempered glass which are considered the best to be cleaned easily. However, framed shower screens are made of thinner tempered glass because the frame acts as a support for them which is made of aluminum that helps in protection from leaks. Whereas, a frameless shower screen is such which requires a thicker glass because there is no support of a frame over it.


The style of glass can be similar for both the types such as a frosted glass, etched, patterned, bronzed etc. however, a framed shower have limited options and are commonly seen with sliding doors. For most people, sliding door is considered to be a private feature and they usually require such a feature. But when it comes to a frameless shower screen, you cannot add a sliding feature on it. They are normally seen with a French opening that involves two doors side to side.


A frameless shower screen is a bit sensitive when compared to a framed one which is why when it comes to installation of a frameless shower screen, it requires professional labors to attach the door perfectly and to avoid them from hanging around. A framed door on the other hand is slightly easier to be installed in a bathroom and has an overall quicker process of installation as well. This is due to the fact that the glass is light weighted and thinner than that of a framed glass which makes the overall process smoothly for installation.


The costs of either the types of shower screens depends upon different factors such as size, custom and types of door. However, if we talk about both of them with the same size and customizations with one being a framed while other as frameless, it’s a known fact that a frameless shower screen is more expensive than the other one. Not only the cost of the shower screen but also the installation charges are more of a frameless screen as well.