For Easy To Install And Even Easier To Maintain Floors

For Easy To Install And Even Easier To Maintain Floors

We want different methods that suit different scenarios. For example, tiles that are smooth and slippery are not recommended for areas like swimming pools or bathroom. If the floor is going to get wet, it better be anti-slippery. If the floor is going to get abrasions from screeching tire marks or sharp tools, you need to use a suitable flooring method that works for them. These must be heat and abrasion resistant so that you don’t have to maintain them very frequently. The right kind of flooring is always different for different applications. And, the cost depends on which is which.

While today’s flooring solutions are overlays on traditional ones in some sense. We do not want to use carpets anymore over the concrete or the wooden subfloor. We want something that is attractive and bright. This brings flooring solutions like nylon or polypropylene. These can be produced in bright colors. They are ideal for office space and showrooms. But, some might be difficult to clean after spills and rain for example.

Better alternatives to concrete

After you have finished the final touches with your trowels and you are happy, then what next? In the old days, a nicely done concrete flooring was more than sufficient. It could be cleaned easily, was heat and chemical resistant and great. But, they were hard and not suitable for areas like playgrounds. For a lot of areas like this, you need impact resistant surfaces. There came the wet rubber floors which could form any shape and fit any surface easily. And, all you needed was a trowel and lubricant. To make it easier come two-sided rubber flooring mats. You could just lay them on a flat cleaned surface, either concrete or wood, and cut it with a utility knife to give the right shape. You can find them at varying thickness for varying impact resistance. These mats are best for gyms and dog kennels.

Of course, when we are talking about DIY, we must mention about vinyl planks DIY too. These were the ones that came as a result of a compromise for luxury floors. If you want something that looks elegant without breaking a bank, vinyl is the best. These come in different patterns and are mostly used for an alternative to wooden floors. You just lay them as the rubber mats and cut the extras with a utility knife. At times, you can also use some glue.All these floors are about easy install and even easier maintenance. They are ready and functional in a matter of hours.